Wirtz Math Finance Chapter 6 Lesson 1

Term Definition
employment agency (C06L1 p291) A business that has lists of job openings and charges a fee to find jobs for people.
fee paid (C06L1 p291) When the employer, instead of the employee, pays the fee to an employment agency.
resume (C06L1 p291) A short accounting of a job-seeker's education and qualifications for employment.
W-4 Form (C06L1 p291) A form that is filled out by a new employee that gives directions to the government on how much money in taxes to deduct from an employee's pay.
benefits (C06L1 p291) Additional compensation from an employer; can include health and dental insurance, child care, retirement, and travel expenses.
discount (C06L1 p293) The amount that a charge, cost, or fee is lowered.