Tips needed to solve complex numbers

Question Answer
How are a set of complex numbers defined when including the imaginary unit? the imaginary unit can written as i
what is the value of imaginary i when in squared form? when in form i squared is equal to -1
To multiply square roots what must we do first? to multiply square roots you must write each numerator in the form of the imaginary unit i
what is complex number standard form? a+bi
In the equation a+bi are a and b real numbers? yes
Complex numbers are equal when? a=c and b=d
Can(a+c) be added to (b-d) in a complex number equation? No, only (a+c) or (a-c) can be combined or subtracted because they are both real numbers. Only(b+d)or(b-d) can be combined or subtracted because they are alike in terms.
How should complex numbers be multiplied? they should be handled like binomials
What is used to divide complex numbers? Complex conjugates
what is form of complex numbers? (a+bi) or (a-bi)
What is (a+bi)(a-bi) when being treated as a binomial? a squared added to b squared
what is the main goal when dividing complex numbers? you want to eliminate the imaginary unit in the denominator.
How can division problems be checked? you can always see if you have the right answer by multiplying your products.