Test 3

Question Answer
uniform distribution values spread evenly over the range of possibilities
Standard normal distribution normal probability distribution with mean=0 and stand. deviation=1
normal cdf probability
inv.norm. z-score
z score formula x-mean/stand. dev.
Standard error of the mean o
mean/square root of n
Sample of Values _
x-mean/stand.Dev./Sqare root of n
Point Estimate single value(or point) used to approximate a population parameter
Confidence Interval range of values used to estimate the true value of a population parameter
Confidence level probability 1-a
critical value number on the borderline seperating sample statistics that are likely to occur from those that are unlikely to occur(z
Margin of error denoted by E,maximum likely difference
Round off rule-CI 3 digits
Round off rule-Sample size larger whole number, can't have half a person
sample size for population mean n=[za/2o
Degrees of Freedom number of sample values that can vary after certain restrictionsw have been imposed on all data values
Degrees of freedom formula n-1
Zinter mean is known and n>30
Tinter mean NOT known and n>30