Stats-Chapter 2

Question Answer
MEAN Sum of the data entries divided by the number of entries. (Average)
MEDIAN The middle data when the data set is sorted in ascending or descending order (Middle)
MODE The data entry that occurs with the greatest freq. (Most)
OUTCIER Data entry that is "far" removed the other entries in a data set.
SYMMETRIC DISTRIBUTATION When a vertical line is drawn thru the middle of the distribution, the two halves approx. "Mirror Image".
UNIFORM DISTRIBUTATION All entries in the distribution have equal freq.
SKEWED LEFT DISTRIBUATION Freq. dist. with a "tail" that extends to the left.
SKEWED RIGHT DISTRIBUATION Freq. dist. with a "tail" that extends to the right.
FREQ. DIST. Table that shows classes or intervals of data entries with the count of the number of entries in each class.
CUMULATIVE FREQ. Sum of freq. of that class and all freq. classes "running total"
STEM & LEAF PLOT Displays quantitative data.
STEM Data entry's left most digit(s)
LEAF Data entry's right most digit
SCATTER PLOT GRAPH Uses ordered pairs of quantitative variables on a coordinate plane
PIE CHART Circle graph that shows relationships of parts to a whole graph of data.