Wirtz Math Finance Chapter 5 Lesson 6

Term Definition
dollar value (p252) Value of money that something is worth, depreciates, or appreciates.
historical data (p252) The prices from the past that a car was worth.
historical depreciation (p252) The devaluation of a car using historical data.
exponential decay (p252) Rather than the value decreasing by the same dollar amount each year, it decreases by the same percentage each year.
exponential depreciation (p252) The model of exponential decay in the context of auto devaluation.

Wirtz Math Finance Chapter 5 Lesson 7

Term Definition
odometer (p259) A gauge on the dashboard of a car that indicates the distance the car has traveled since it left the factory
electronic odometer (p259) An odometer which gives the distance readings digitally.
mechanical odometer (p259) An odometer that consists of a set of cylinders that turn to indicate the distance traveled.
trip odometer (p259) Another odometer that gives the accumulated distance traveled on a particular trip.
speedometer (p259) A device that tells the rate at which the car is traveling.
fuel economy measurement (p259) How much gasoline a care uses to travel a certain distance.
miles per gallons (mpg) (p259) A type of fuel economy measurement, which uses the English Standard system.
kilometers per liter (km/L) (p259) A type of fuel economy measurement, which uses the metric system.
English Standard System (p259) System of measurement used in the United States.
Metric System (p259) System of measurement used in other countries outside the United States.
distance formula (p260) A formula for the distance a car travels for the distance a car travels that is a function of the rate and time that it travels, or d = rt.
currency exchange rate (p264) A rate used to convert one country's currency to another country's currency.

Wirtz Math Finance Chapter 6 Lesson 1

Term Definition
employment agency (C06L1 p291) A business that has lists of job openings and charges a fee to find jobs for people.
fee paid (C06L1 p291) When the employer, instead of the employee, pays the fee to an employment agency.
resume (C06L1 p291) A short accounting of a job-seeker's education and qualifications for employment.
W-4 Form (C06L1 p291) A form that is filled out by a new employee that gives directions to the government on how much money in taxes to deduct from an employee's pay.
benefits (C06L1 p291) Additional compensation from an employer; can include health and dental insurance, child care, retirement, and travel expenses.
discount (C06L1 p293) The amount that a charge, cost, or fee is lowered.

Wirtz Combined Geometry Chapter 1 Lesson 3

Term Definition
segment of a line (p11) Two points on the line and all points between them.
ray (p11) A portion of a line which starts at a point and goes off in a particular direction to infinity.
opposite rays (p11) Two rays with a common endpoint that point in opposite directions and form a straight line.
length of a segment (p11) The distance between its endpoints
postulates (p12) A statement that is accepted without proof.
axioms (p12) A statement that is accepted without proof.
congruent segments (p13) Segments that have equal lengths.
midpoint of a segment (p13) The point that divides the segment into two congruent segments.
bisector of a segment (p13) A line, segment, ray, or plane that intersects the segment at its midpoint.
number line (p11) A line on which numbers are marked at intervals, used to illustrate simple numerical operations.
coordinate (p11) Each of a group of numbers used to indicate the position of a point, line, or plane.
congruent (p13) When two objects have the same size and same shape.
Segment Addition Postulate (p12) If B is between A and C, then AB + BC = AC.


Question Answer
7 x 0 0
7 x 1 7
7 x 2 14
7 x 3 21
7 x 4 28
7 x 5 35
7 x 6 42
7 x 7 49
7 x 8 56
7 x 9 63
7 x 10 70
7 x 11 77
7 x 12 84