Math Review_Rubio_Notes #All

Question Answer
What kind of test is the GED test? Reading and Thinking
How many steps to every word problem? Four
Step a. Read Through the whole problem
Step b. Say I can do this
Step c. Focus On Bottom Line Question
Step d. Think About The Words Of The Question
Ask What do the words mean?
What operation do I use? Add Subtract Multiply Divide
Combine and Add
How many more, how many less, what is the difference eft or any comparing words then Subtract
How many are IN something Divide
A part OF something (1/2 of 2000, 90% of salary) Multiply
Per in QUESTION means Divide (per or unit rate refers to one.)
If I know something about ONE and want to know about MORE then Multiply
If I know something about MORE and want to know about ONE, then Divide
Fractions Part of One
If the answer is a ratio, how many numbers do I need? 2
What kind of problem is it when the problem tells me something about two things and then asks me something about the SAME two things? Proportion
What do I draw on my paper when I know I have one of these problems? _______=_______
What do I put on the left line? What I Know
How do I work the problem? Cross Multiply and Divide
Decimals Part of One
Every fraction/decimal/percent can be written as A
fraction decimal percent
Change a fraction to a decimal by Top Number Divided By Bottom Number
Change decimal to fraction by Read It Write It Reduce It
1/4 = .25
1/2 = .5
3/4 = .75
1/3 = .333
2/3 = .667
Percentage Part of 100
Every fraction/decimal/percent can be written as fraction/decimal/percent.
What are the three parts of a percentage problem? Part Base Rate
Triangles Part (piece of whole is) ? Base X Rate (whole /of) (percent sign)
Percent of Increase/Decrease Subtract and Divide by Original Shift =
Interest P X T (years or months/12 x R shift =
Perimeter Add around sides
Area L X W (square units) = 2
Volume L X W X H (cubic units) = 3
Mean Average; Add & Divide
Median Middle number; Order numbers first
Mode Number repeated the most