Math Review_Rubio_Notes #1-4 Thinking It Thru

Question Answer
What kind of test is the GED? Reading and Thinking
The four steps to every word problem is to Read, Say, Focus & Think
Read Through the whole problem
Say I can do this
Focus On Bottom Line Question
Think About The Words Of The Question
Name two questions to ask about a math word problem. Ask what operation do I use?

Ask what do the words mean?

If words are Combine and then you ADD
Question: Asking MORE or LESS or what is the DIFFERENCE or LEFT (comparing words) then you Subtract
If asking how many are IN something then you Divide
A part OF something (1/2 of 2000, 90% of salary, etc.) then you Multiply
Per (per or unit rate refers to one) in question then you Divide
If you know something about ONE and want to know about MORE then you Multiply
If you know something about MORE and want to know about ONE then you Divide
Sum or Total Addition Answer
Difference Subtraction Answer
Product Multiplication Answer
Quotient Division Answer