Algebra 2

Question Answer
natural numbers counting numbers
whole numbers counting numbers and 0
integers positive integers, negative integers, & 0
rational numbers quotients of integers (nonzero denominator), terminating decimal, repeating,
irrational numbers nonquotients of integers, nonterminating or repeating, if positive rational number isn't a perfect square
real number natural, whole, integer, rational, & irrational. not imaginary
opposite/additive inverse opposite value of number. b is -b.
reciprocal/multiplicative inverse the product of reciprocals is 1. b is 1/b
closure property a+b is a real number. ab is a real number
commutative property a+b = b+a. ab = ba
Associative property (a+b)+c = a(b+c).(ab)c = a(bc).
Identity property a+0=a, 0+a=aa*1=a, 1*a=a
inverse property a+(-a)=0a * 1/a =1, not 0
distributive property a(b+c)=ab+ac
absolute value how far a number is from 0.
variable letter symbol for a number
algebraic expression expression with 1 or more variables
variable expression expression with 1 or more variables.
evaluate substitute numbers for variables and do order of operations.
term number, variable, or product of a number and one or more variables
coefficient number in a term
subtraction subtract
division divide
dist. property for subtraction dist. property and subtract
multiplication by 0 product is 0
multiplication by -1 product is negative
opposite of a sum -(a+b)= -a+(-b)
opposite of a difference -(a-b)=b-a
opposite of a product -(ab)=-a*b
opposite of an opposite positive number
solution of the equation number that makes an equation true
reflexive property a=a