7th Grade math terms

Term Definition
acute angle greater than 0 and less than 90 degrees
algorithm steps used to solve a problem
associative properties the answer to a problem will be the same regardless of how you group it.
ex. a+b will give you the same answer as b+a
bivariate data data that has two variable.
Box-and-whisker plot pictorial representation of the median of data and the range of all data from highest to the lowest quartile.
common factors a number that divides evenly into two or more expressions
common referent something that is familiar that can be used to understand something that is less familiar.
ex. A loaf of bread is about 12 inches long.
communitive property numbers order in a math problem can be changed (14+2 will give you the same answer as 2+14) but the answer remains the same.
compatible numbers a pair of numbers that are easy to work with mentally. Ex. 141 x 4 Could be estimated by 140 X 5
congruent same size and same shape
correlation (hint: relation) the relationship between 2 sets of data
coefficient A number or symbol multiplied in an algebraic term.
ex. 5a – 5 is coeffient and a is the variable.
distributive property Math property that states that multiplying a sum by a number is the same as multiplying each addend (the numbers being added) by the number and then adding the products.
Ex a x (b + c) will get same answer as (a x b) + (a x c)
dividend number that is divided by another 20/4
The 20 is being divided and called dividend.. The 4 is the number dividing and is called the divisor. The answer is called the QUOTIENT.
equation a math sentence with an equal sign
divide to evenly seperate an amount into equal groups.
Ex. Mom buys Reese Cup and says give 1/2 to your brother. You divide it by giving 1 to brother and 1 for yourself.
equivalent two numbers or expressions are equal
Ex. 210 = 200+10
expression combining variable, number and symbols (but not including inequality and equality symbols)
Ex. a+3b
irrational numbers any number that can be written as a decimal, but not a fraction. Ex. Pi 3.14…
face flat surface on a solid figure
function table table that lists pairs of numbers that show a function.
mean the average of a set of numbers
add all numbers and then divide by the number of addends
mode the number in a data set that occur MOST

2,3,2,2 the the mode is 2

median the middle number when data is arranged from least to greatest
natural numbers the counting numbers
negative numbers numbers less than zero and to the left of the zero on the number line.
perfect square the product (answer of multiplication) of a number multiplied by itself.
Ex. 16 is the perfect square of 4 because 4×4
integers positive numbers, their opposites and zero
-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3
proportion an equation that shows that two ratios are equal. Ex. 12/18 = 4/6